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Alternatively, 2–3 mm/yr of slip along the northern San Jacinto fault zone may be accommodated to the south along the lesser-studied Hot Springs, Thomas Mountain, Buck Ridge, and Santa Rosa faults, the lateral slip rates of which are not well known nor included in typical estimates of slip rate along the central San Jacinto fault zone. The 3 m or more measurement of displacement in this event corresponds to rupture lengths that are slightly longer than the total length of the Claremont fault, and previously published paleoseismic data indicate that this event occurred coincident in time with an event on the adjacent Clark fault.We infer that the faster slip rate over the past 500 yr is due to a cluster of earthquakes along the Claremont fault between A. We propose that this combination of slip per event data and paleoseismic data from adjacent fault strands is strong evidence for rupture through the releasing step over that separates these two segments of the San Jacinto fault zone.Direct dating methods are increasingly applied to human fossils because stratigraphic associations between human fossils and archaeological remains and/or deposits do not always exist.However, the dating of the fossils themselves should by no means be considered independently of contextual multidisciplinary data that form the basis of modern archaeology.

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TPL1’s status as “the earliest well-dated modern human fossil east of the Jordan Valley” also appears weak compared with the Liujiang specimen dated to ∼153 ka (3), the Callao Cave fossil in the Philippines dated to 67 ka (4), and, above all, the ∼100 ka modern fossil from Zhirendong (5), discovered only 484 km northeast of Tam Pa Ling in Southern China.

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