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Coffee is my ritual, my interval, the luminous place between now and what’s next, more arc than landing. In the morning, when I take a sip, space opens between the molecules; voices and clatter in the café separate into bright, tonal bands. I savor each sip after the scorch has dissipated, before the cup is loose and lukewarm like a hand in mine.An electrician calmly walked out of a Whitstable bank with a wad of stolen money after telling a terrified cashier he had a gun.A committee then reviewed the nominations and selected these 20 outstanding women, who will be honored at an Oct. Click here to reserve your spot to join us in honoring these women. She was in the eighth grade at the time and had an appointment at the UAB Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation. Dawn De Carlo mentioned the possibility of driving, I was overcome with renewed hope."It also inspired her to spring into action to help other low-vision people.There she learned that through special technology and training, she could get her driver's license like the rest of her peers."I have lived with an eye condition resulting in low vision my entire life," the 21-year-old says. Gorrie started Songs for Sight, a concert that raises funds and awareness for the UAB Low Vision Center and eye research.In order to subsidize her tuition, she is a barista at Starbucks.

I’ve heard the gambler’s rush isn’t in losing or winning, but the interval between playing and knowing. I take it to go, so I can drink and walk alone in the cool air under the trees on 12th street on my way to work.However, he still lives in California and has a few thousand followers on his social media accounts. Vanilla Ice certainly had his glory days back in the 90s. He once said “When ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ was selling a million records a day, I bought several properties…However, when his records stopped selling he needed a way to make money. then, a few years later, I took a break from touring, saw that my properties had cobwebs, so I sold them, and to my surprise, I made a huge profit.” Unfortunately, even after the success of this film, Ostrum was never seen in Hollywood again. However, she needed a side job in between acting auditions. Remember the cutie pie twins that co-starred opposite Adam Sandler in Big Daddy?I was given an envelope that was sent from the WWI front line. Just before the soldier went over the trenches, he scribbled a note to his loved ones. Do you sometimes become attached to the documents you find?

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