Dating expertise

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Samples are extracted from wood subjects (ship wrecks, foundations, roof constructions, music instruments) and the tree-ring widths are measured.

The ring-width patterns are subsequently visually and statistically compared to regional chronologies.

Chronologies serve for dating and dendroprovenancing. To do so the ring-width series of a wooden object of unknown age is compared to all available chronologies of the wood species.

By getting a significant match with one or more chronologies the cutting date of the tree used for the wooden object can be determined.

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Founded in 1975 by Patrick Laycock, art historian, expert of international renown and previously member of the Belgian Chamber for Experts in Works of Art, the Brussels Art Laboratory is the oldest private laboratory dedicated to the expertise, the analysis, the dating and the authentication of art objects from all origins and periods.

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Lastly, the Brussels Art Laboratory proposes different training days in order to familiarize the lovers of art with the world of the art works and their restoration.

Prof Kramers was ceremonially inaugurated as Professor of Geology at UJ on Monday 13 September 2016."All the analytical work necessary for cave sediment dating is now possible in-house at UJ, and ultimately discovery, Prof Kramers had already collaborated with Wits researchers to establish the ages of other hominid fossils found in the Cradle of Humankind area in Muldersdrift, west of Johannesburg."In 2002 while on sabbatical leave, I walked into Prof.

Lee Berger's office at Wits and introduced myself as someone who might be able to date fossil-bearing sediments.

Regional chronologies have been built up from sometimes thousands of ring-width series from trees and woods of the same species originating from a certain area.

Many of them are available from the International Tree Ring Data Base (ITRDB).

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