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Officers also discovered a black hoody screwed up at the back of a cupboard at Buxton’s home which matched a description from the first victim who later picked him out of an identity parade.

Checks on Buxton’s phone also matched his movements during the night of the second attack, according to the court.

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Police stated they had come across Buxton in a pub car park in the early hours of the morning after the break-in at the first victim’s home.

The court also heard how checks on Buxton’s laptop revealed he had been viewing porn matching the description of the second victim just after he had been in her home.

Police also found evidence leading to the three charges of making indecent photos of children after they examined his laptop.

Derby Crown Court heard on Monday, February 29, how Wayne Buxton, 26, of Hawthorn Close, Woolley Moor, near Alfreton, had reportedly checked for open doors across a Clay Cross neighbourhood before he struck at the two victims’ homes.

He had also been accused during the trial of entering the home of an 84-year-old woman in Derbyshire and sexually assaulting her but the jury found him not guilty on these two counts - despite the fact it was agreed that this woman had been attacked by someone.

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